Hi! My name is Halsey

About Me

I'm a front end web developer with a passion for usable design

After four years as an administrator for a timeshare company, I have decided that it is time for a carrer change! In my career I have gained exemplory time management skills, problem solving skills, and have a proven track record of meeting deadlines consistently. Those skills will make me a reliable and adaptable member of any development team. I am looking for a position where I can grow the skills that I have and develop new ones to become a dynamic developer.

Technologies I use

My Work

  • An interactive web app that matches a user to a cat avalible for adoption in the Seattle Area using a form filled out by the user. The matching cat is pulled from the Petfinder API and the user is given the chance to either adopt that cat, or donate to the Seattle Humane Society.

  • An interactive site promoting cat adoption in the Seattle area. This site features the leaflet.js library to map local cat shelters in to an easy to use map. Random cats are incorporated through calls to the Petfinder API.

  • A multipage Angular WebApp powered by the Open Weather Map API calls. This site gives the user the ability to search for the weather in any city and uses local storage to save frequently viewed cities in the user's favorites. The current weather is avalible as well as a multi-day forcast.

  • A site featuring an asynchronous search using Javascript to pull images from the Flickr API in to the local website. This site accepts a query from the user and then takes that query and uses it to search the Flickr databases. Each photo includes a tag as well as a button giving the user more info on the picture.

  • A mock web form using the jQuery Validation plugin to validate data. Validation peramiters include valid email, address, and credit card number. This form could be used in any ecommerce site.

  • A whimsy single page site using JavaScript DOM manipulation to generate random fortunes. The user only needs to click the button to recieve their fortune.

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